The Retro Pasta Pattern Collection

Pasta Anyone?

These fun pasta inspired designs are a dream for creating kitchen accessories, from tea towels to hot pads! All of these fun pasta shapes and detail down to the names of the pasta were hand drawn.

Lisa’s Project Pick

“The entire time I was designing this collection, I kept thinking about what I wanted for a tea towel in my kitchen. So it is no surprise that the pasta shapes tea towel is my favorite project with this collection.

A close second is the pot holder. Some time ago, a good friend gifted me a set of pot holders which I have always loved. As I developed this collection, I had great fun designing the coordinates to make the pot holders bright and colorful! You’ll have to wait until I sew my potholders to see those. I am imagining the pyrex/pasta medley with a backing in retro geometric shapes. Hmm… Maybe an apron may be in order as well.


Want to Know More?

If you are interested in licensing these designs or derivatives from these designs, send us a message here.

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