Stephanie Peterson Jones

Stephanie Peterson Jones has illustrated many projects for large publishing companies including coloring cards, coloring books, children’s books, and calendars.

One of her most recent projects is a book she wrote and illustrated called Drawing for Joy which takes beginning artists through a one year program of fun and creative daily prompts designed to help develop skill and encourage creativity.

Stephanie was inspired to do the book to help others “experience the joys of art making without getting caught up in the ‘I’m not good enough, I can’t do this’ stuff.”

Stephanie experiences art making as a form of meditation and an expression of joy.

“I feel incredibly privileged to be making art that is in sync with my heart,” she says. “When I sit down with my coffee, fountain pen, and watercolors early each morning, patterns and mandalas flow from my sleepy self, and those images often become the beginnings of my designs and illustrations.”

In addition to making art, Stephanie is a certified K-12 art teacher and loves teaching art to children and adults. She loves to give back through random acts and community art projects that encourage kindness and compassion. She is currently a fellow with Arts for Life, an organization that provides art classes and lessons to children in the hospital in NC. Stephanie and her husband, Paul M. Jones, started Art & Kindness, LLC as a way of paying it forward following their experience of Hurricane Sandy.

When Stephanie is not making art or practicing Pilates, she is spending time with her husband, hanging with her friends, knitting, cooking, or enjoying the beautiful outdoors in Asheville, NC.

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