Jennifer Hines

Jennifer Hines is an illustrator and lettering artist who creates fun, whimsical, and pun-filled illustrations to make people smile. Jennifer has a background in fine art and creative writing, so has always loved working at the intersection between words and images. She has worked in publishing and has contributed artwork to books and articles to illustrate concepts to complement the text, which has been a natural fit for her background.
Jennifer works mostly digitally on her iPad Pro to more easily add color to her artwork and create layers and backgrounds, but also enjoys drawing on paper using pencil and black ink pen for hand-drawn pieces. Her favorite things to illustrate are fun plays-on-words and puns, cute characters with smiling faces, and tasty food—sometimes all combined into one illustration!
Jennifer is from Chicago, and now lives in London working on illustration for small businesses and editorial clients around the world. She also creates illustrations for greeting cards and stationery items, calendars, and other licensed products.
When she isn’t illustrating, Jennifer loves traveling and exploring new cities, hanging out with her dogs, cooking and exploring new recipes, visiting restaurants and bars for tasty food and craft cocktails, and getting inspired by vintage packaging and signage at flea markets and around town.