Jennifer Hines

Today we are doing a special feature on Illustrator and lettering artist Jennifer Hines. Jennifer creates fun, whimsical, and pun-filled illustrations to make people smile. She has a background in fine art and creative writing, so has always loved working at the intersection between words and images. 

We asked Jennifer to tell us a bit about her journey and to show you some of her favorite work.  Enjoy today’s spotlight and drop us a note if you would like to see more!

How did you get started with art & illustration?

I’ve always been creative and liked to draw, and my parents encouraged me in this. I used to draw my dogs, and even won a few awards when I was in grade school. When I got to college, I was drawn to creative writing, but realized I missed art and drawing, so I ended up declaring a double-degree later in my studies, which was the only way to take art classes at my university. In the end, while I still love the written word, I found I really enjoyed expressing myself with visuals so much more. After graduating, I created a lot of printmaking and sculpture and was showing in galleries, but I ended up revisiting drawing and paper again once I rediscovered calligraphy and hand-drawn lettering as an area of specialty. This pretty much led me back to drawing and illustration full-time.

What inspires your artwork?

I love playfulness, bright colors, and jokes or puns, so I’m often inspired by nature, a pretty window display, or a nice turn of phrase. I get a lot of ideas when walking around or exploring a new street, museum, or garden. Traveling is also a great inspiration, so basically getting out of my own head and comfort zone is best.

What medium do primarily you work in?

When I work by hand, I love black ink pens and colored pencils on paper, often finishing up some additional color and texture on the computer. When I work digitally, I use mostly my iPad and Apple pencil in the Procreate app, which feels just like drawing on paper but I can use a lot more color, and I can work a lot bigger! Working digitally also allows me to work anywhere, and to play with different layering techniques and textures that wouldn’t be possible working fully by hand.

Who are your clients and what type of work do you most enjoy?

When I work freelance, I work mostly with small companies doing illustrations for social media, books or magazines, infographics, communications, or marketing campaigns. I really enjoy creating illustrations to pair with text, or creating illustrations on photos because combining two elements leaves so much room for play while also creating a perfect visual to communicate on different levels. And I love drawing food puns because they make me both hungry and giggle at once…

A few more tidbits about Jennifer Hines

Jennifer is from Chicago, and now lives in London working on illustration for small businesses and editorial clients around the world. She also creates illustrations for greeting cards and stationery items, calendars, and other licensed products.

When she isn’t illustrating, Jennifer loves traveling and exploring new cities, hanging out with her dogs, cooking and exploring new recipes, visiting restaurants and bars for tasty food and craft cocktails, and getting inspired by vintage packaging and signage at flea markets and around town.

We’d love to connect you with Jennifer for your next project. We have an extensive gallery of work ready for licensing which you can request access to view. Let us know how we can help!

If you know someone who would enjoy her work (of course you do!), please point them our way!

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