Business for Creatives

101 – Basic Business Plan

This course explains how to create a simple executable business plan. It provides the basic tools required to settle on achievable goals, understand the costs and time required to execute the work, project and track income, and respond to problems. This basic business planning tool gives you a map to your success and allows you to stay focused on your creative endeavors.

102 – How to Put Together A Solid Portfolio

Are you ready to submit your work to galleries? to shops? to potential licensees? Do you have a solid portfolio to show? This course walks you through how to create each component of a portfolio and provides worksheets to help you create your CV, artist statement, business cards, etc.

103 – How to Teach an Effective Class or Workshop

So you want to teach a class? This module presents a process for planning and holding an effective class or workshop. We provide you with a series of tools to help you plan the content, audience, space requirements, advertising, etc.

Surface Design Topics

201 – How to Design Repeat Patterns

Have you ever wondered how people make wrapping paper, fabrics, scrapbook papers? Wonder no more! This course covers the basics of how to design repeat patterns and touches on how to use Adobe tools to automate the process.