Cherie Johnson

Artist Profile 

Cherie Johnson’s art is greatly influenced by her connection to the natural beauty and colors of the Boulder, Colorado area where she grew up and still lives.  Her illustrative style has evolved through the belief that art is a four-step process: Imagine the piece, Honor what was imagined, Respect the positive energy and Believe in the creation.  Cherie’s interest in art started when she picked up a pencil and sketched the horses that she trained and rode in the countryside around her home. This interest then expanded to include sketches of other animals and some more whimsical drawings.

Cherie is best known for her pieces focused on the Shakti Dancers, in which she emphasizes both movement and intricate patterns.  They are inspired by her love of the boho look: the representation of free movement with nature-inspired textures.  Her creations come to being without a pre-planned outline.  They emerge as she creates,  each subject presenting its own uniqueness and character.

 Story of the Shakti Dancers

“Shakti” is the female principle of divine energy, especially when personified as the supreme deity.  The meaning of Shakti is literally “strength,” but it is also used to mean a mighty feminine force.  The idea for the Shakti Dancers came to Cherie one night in a dream.  She had been playing with different patterns and designs and suddenly could  see each drawing as part of a dancer, specifically the flow and energy of  a dancer’s movement.  Each dancer is drawn as she comes to Cherie – no pre-planned pencil outline, no changes to the form as each dancer presents herself  with her own personality, a personality to which Cherie feels connected.  Each dances like no one is watching.

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